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Empowering Your Founder Journey

Explore Keystone's Exclusive Programs Designed to Empower Your Entrepreneurial Journey and Launch Your Company with Confidence.

At Keystone we understand the unique spirit of entrepreneurship. Born out of the same passion for innovation, we're here to be your unwavering partner on the exhilarating journey of building your own company. Our mission is simple: to provide you with top-tier mentors, comprehensive support, and a wealth of resources to empower your entrepreneurial success story. Welcome to a world of limitless possibilities and boundless innovation.

Entrepreneurial Programming

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A vibrant community that thrives on the exchange of ideas and collaboration. Sessions happen every Wednesday at 5:00pm and are your gateway to a world of learning, meaningful connections, and the opportunity to engage with key players within the Kansas City community.

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Started by founders for founders, KC Collective is a group of founders working together to share resources, networks, and education to help build KC's startup ecosystem. 


A four-month program custom designed for social entrepreneurs to grow their business and increase their community impact. Our approach is uniquely attuned to meet each entrepreneur at their precise stage of growth and the new cohort will begin Q1 2024.

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At Keystone, we specialize in forging connections between accomplished mentors and ambitious entrepreneurs, offering you an accelerated route to success. You no longer need to navigate this journey alone. Join us today to unlock your full potential.


Keystone's dynamic programming hub located in the crossroads district. We are home to multiple organizations and proudly host selected community partner programs. Stop in to enjoy complimentary workspace, solid WiFi, or host your next programming event. 

A community entrepreneurs. Equipped with a top-tier audio podcast station, a versatile podcast/visual studio, and a dynamic content corner perfect for TikToks, headshots, and product photography to promote your business. Also enjoy services geared specifically towards startups.

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Keystone Fuels Entrepreneurial Growth

At Keystone, we're here to help you thrive as an entrepreneur. Our programs are designed to boost innovation and help your business grow. Inspired by successful entrepreneurial communities globally, we've created offerings that provide an outstanding experience. What makes us special is our deep knowledge of Kansas City's industries, making our ecosystem perfect for local entrepreneurs. Here's why Keystone should be your top pick:


Our programming is thoughtfully designed to empower entrepreneurs to thrive within Kansas City’s unique ecosystem. Our community offers a wealth of learning opportunities through expert connections, informative sessions, and engaging meet-ups. From connecting you with experts in your field  to providing crucial learning at each stage of growth, Keystone is your gateway to entrepreneurial success.


Keystone offers mentorship, industry access, and talent connections to fuel your success. Immerse yourself in a dynamic community of innovators, prioritizing knowledge sharing and collaboration. All of Keystone's programming and events are designed to create an intersection of ideas and industries.

Peer Community 

Uncover a valuable peer community of like-minded entrepreneurs, where innovative ideas challenge your comfort zone and enhance your resources. Experience the transformative benefits of gaining fresh perspectives, valuable feedback, and a supportive network that accelerates your entrepreneurial journey.

Ready to embrace the Keystone Community? 

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The challenges and opportunities that stand before us now, regionally, nationally, and globally, require that varied expertise works together. There’s no movement forward unless there’s collective movement forward.

Andrea Ellis

Director, Strategic Collaboration and Civic Impact, Kansas City Action Fund

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