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KC Collective



Helping Kansas City Entrepreneurs

Starting a business is a grind. We recognize that by leveraging each of our networks, we all can win. We're committed to scaling the KC startup ecosystem.


Hiring the right talent is the key to building a successful company, but it’s also one of the toughest tasks that founders encounter while growing their business. KC Collective connects you to talent and provides tips and best practices on who and when to hire.


KC has entrepreneurs that are just getting started and others that are later stage. One of our goals is to help ensure members are kept up to speed on things to help improve their business. Business development, UI/UX, sales strategy, marketing, and more.


Ideating is an essential part of running a company. As a collaborative network of founders, we work as a collective sounding board to help you conceive and validate ideas that will drive your business forward. From new products to hackathons and more, we’ll be there.


Raising capital is an often necessary tool for most founders. KC Collective researches angel/VC investors, accelerators, grants, and more to keep members up to date on ways to raise funds. Each month, members will be informed of new options available.

Who We Are

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KC Collective was developed by startup founders for startup founders. Through collective collaboration, we leverage our networks to provide introductions, mentorship, generous perks and discounts from our partners, along with the education and resources necessary for driving your business forward.
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