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Kansas City's Front Door To Innovation 

Upcoming Events

The Keystone Innovation District: Where industry experts, educators, entrepreneurs and community leaders gather to learn, connect and collaborate.

Why Keystone?

We believe the next industrial revolution must include equity and access for all. Our region is uniquely positioned to lead the world in groundbreaking innovations. By working together, we believe we can come up with the solutions the world is waiting for to address both 

Defining the future of innovation is not a solo act

The obstacles are massive

No one company or institution can address this level of complexity

Yet all of the challenges are interconnected

And all of the problems are solvable

We need a sustainable means of collaborating and to create new pathways to bring together experts and innovators.  The latest in science, the most intriguing startups, neighborhoods, schools, investors, and established brands, all of whom have real problems to solve.

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A four-month program custom designed for social entrepreneurs to grow their business and increase their community impact. Uniquely designed to meet each entrepreneurs at their individual stage of growth.

Our Programming

Facilitating connections across industries, interest and talents. Sessions is where those interested in new ideas can gather to learn, engage, and collaborate with key players within the Kansas City Community

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Started by founders for founders, KC Collective is a group of founders working together to share resources, networks, and education to help build KC's startup ecosystem. 

Introducing an expanding community of investors equipped with specialized education, focused on empowering individuals to invest in startups through a carefully curated program that prioritizes safety and control.

Connecting corporations and university researchers for research commercialization and collaboration,  strengthens connections, advancing research, and driving regional innovation economies.

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A community for creative entrepreneurs. Equipped with a top-tier audio podcast station, a versatile podcast/visual studio, and a dynamic content corner perfect for TikToks, headshots, and product photography. 

Our Innovation Philosophy

Our approach to ensuring the most vibrant and impactful innovation community emphasizes collaboration and community engagement, with a strong focus on addressing the unique needs of our community for maximum social impact. Our philosophy draws inspiration from the Medici Effect. This concept underscores the idea that innovation thrives at the crossroads of diverse disciplines and ideas, where the convergence of different perspectives sparks an explosion in creativity and new solutions.

Our programs are designed to drive economic growth by increasing startup activity, facilitating research commercialization, attracting and retaining talent, promoting job creation, and fortifying regional institutions, all while harnessing the power of interdisciplinary thinking and creating new intersections as exemplified by the Medici Effect.


At Keystone CoLAB, located at 800 E. 18th Street in the East Crossroads, we offer a space to connect, collaborate, and innovate. Enjoy free workspaces, reliable WiFi, and versatile meeting areas for your programming events. But what makes The CoLAB truly special is that it is the first placemaking initiative within the Innovation District.

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Innovation districts are unique ecosystems that bring together anchor institutions, companies, startups, and intermediaries to address global challenges. With such a diverse makeup of industries in KC, creating intersectionality between those sectors is a key to economic growth for the region and economic mobility for everyone. Keystone's vision is to create a vibrant neighborhood where innovators, educators, and entrepreneurs come together to launch new ventures, capture our region’s share of research commercialization, and shape the future workforce.


Keystone wouldn't be possible without each and every partner who believes, like we do, that by reaching collaborative scale, big things are possible. 




The challenges and opportunities that stand before us now, regionally, nationally, and globally, require that varied expertise works together. There’s no movement forward unless there’s collective movement forward.

Andrea Ellis

Director, Strategic Collaboration and Civic Impact, Kansas City Action Fund

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