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Keystone Sessions

Sessions is all about creating innovation intersections. Attend a session to gain valuable knowledge, connect with industry leaders, and elevate your skills.

Every Wednesday from 4:00-8:00pm at Keystone CoLAB

No Sessions This Week!

We are thankful for you!

As Thanksgiving approaches, we want to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you. Your unwavering support has been the cornerstone of our success, and we are truly thankful for the incredible community we have built together. This Thanksgiving, may your hearts be filled with warmth and your homes with joy. From all of us at Keystone Innovation District, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Family Dinner

Fueling Collaboration Between Entrepreneurs, Corporate Leaders and the Community. 

At Keystone Sessions, we're dedicated to facilitating connections across industries, interests, and talents. We provide a unique gathering space where individuals interested in new ideas can come together in a casual yet inspiring environment. Each Wednesday, we present three 45-minute sessions, on unique topics, in formats ranging from panels to featured speakers. This is designed to spark innovation by fostering collisions of ideas and enabling dynamic interactions.

Join us this Wednesday to expand your network, explore fresh perspectives, and contribute to a dynamic community shaping the future. Sessions located at Keystone CoLAB (800 E. 18th St.).

Session Series

Every month on specific Wednesdays, Community Partners host a recurring Sessions on showcasing Individuals, panels, and topics that ignite fresh ideas within a recurring thematic focus.

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Founders Stories

Venture Chats

Rebuild Honestly

Emerging Tech

A focus on individual entrepreneur's experiences navigating fundraising, network building and running businesses.

Conversations with VFA Fellows across a range of topics related to business building, personal growth and economic opportunity.

Deep dives into societal challenges and a look at innovative solutions, organizations and people who are forging new paths.

Join KC Tech Council members every month as they explore cutting-edge technologies and the captivating opportunities they present.

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InnovateHER KC


Creator Series

A focus on individual entrepreneur's experiences navigating fundraising, network building and running businesses.

Conversations with entrepreneurial community members with unique experiences and cool stories to tell.

Deep dives into societal challenges and and a look at innovative solutions, organizations and people who are forging new paths.

Upcoming Sessions

Family Dinner

Nov 22nd

Happy Thanksgiving!! NO SESSIONS THIS WEEK


Nov 29th

We will start with a conversation about data visualization given by data communication specialist Erin Waldron. Then the KC Tech Council session will gear us up to explore cutting-edge technologies and the captivating opportunities they present. Ending with an interactive emerging tech session run by Herston Fails.

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Dec 6th

At 6:00 we will have our Venture Chats series focused on conversations with VFA Fellows across a range of topics related to business building, personal growth and economic opportunity. Then at 7:00pm we will hear from Social Phantom on content monetization strategies.

Unlocking Opportunities: An In-Depth Look at Kansas City's Inaugural Black Entrepreneurship Week
Keystone Sessions

Unlocking Opportunities: An In-Depth Look at Kansas City's Inaugural Black Entrepreneurship Week

Immerse yourself in an enriching dialogue as Craig Moore converses with the visionary co-founders of Black Entrepreneurship Week in Kansas City, shedding light on the inception, execution, and forward-looking strategies of this seminal event. The thoughtful conversation extends a lens into the indomitable spirit of Black entrepreneurs and aims to amplify the vital conversations about fostering an inclusive, vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in Kansas City. Key Highlights Include: The conceptualization and launch of Black Entrepreneurship Week. The week’s events, designed to uplift and champion Black entrepreneurs. Essential tools, strategies, and resources unveiled during the week. Visionary goals for establishing a nurturing platform for Black entrepreneurs. Future aspirations and plans to evolve and expand the event. About Black Entrepreneurship Week: Black Entrepreneurship Week is not merely an event; it's a movement set in motion to reshape the entrepreneurial landscape in Kansas City. Tailored to be a resource-rich platform, the week facilitates the cross-pollination of ideas, robust networking opportunities, and an avenue to access crucial resources, encapsulating a wholesome approach toward nurturing Black entrepreneurship. Delve into the detailed, behind-the-scenes perspectives and insights from the co-founders, as they navigate through the challenges and triumphs of organizing a week dedicated to Black entrepreneurship. Understand their motivations, the impact of the initiative, and the lasting change they envisage for the future of entrepreneurship in the community. Join Craig and the co-founders in this insightful discussion to explore the ways Black Entrepreneurship Week is shaping a more equitable, prosperous future for all. For further updates and more details on Black Entrepreneurship Week, search "Black Entrepreneurship Week Kansas City" on your preferred search engine or visit the official website.
Unlocking Data-Driven Decisions with Visual Analytics
Keystone Sessions

Unlocking Data-Driven Decisions with Visual Analytics

Playfair Data has carved a niche in employing visual analytics to fortify data-driven decision-making across varied business verticals. Through a nuanced approach of translating data into visual storytelling, Playfair Data has revolutionized the way organizations perceive and interact with their data, thereby fostering an environment conducive for informed, strategic decision-making. In this insightful presentation, viewers will traverse through key focal points including: Defining Visual Analytics: An in-depth look at the pivotal role of visual analytics in assimilating, interpreting, and representing data cohesively. The Importance of Visual Analytics: A comprehensive exploration into the necessity of visual analytics in facilitating astute, data-backed decisions in a dynamic business landscape. Playfair Data’s Pioneering Journey: A retrospect into Playfair Data’s innovative journey in being amongst the first to harness and elevate data visualization in client consulting. Reasons to Engage with this Presentation: Expertise Grounded in Innovation: Gain insights that are rooted in Playfair Data's pioneering work in the field of data visualization. Empowering Decision Making: Discover how visual analytics can augment your decision-making capabilities by elucidating complex data sets. Strategic Foresight: Acquaint yourself with strategies and methodologies that have positioned Playfair Data as a vanguard in data-driven decision-making among its diverse clientele. Audience Spectrum: Business Executives and Strategic Decision-Makers Data Analysts and Data Science Professionals Marketing Analysts and Strategists Consulting Professionals Anyone keen on understanding the synergies between data and strategic decision-making Key Takeaways: Embark on a journey that promises to equip you with an enriched understanding of visual analytics, providing you with the requisite knowledge to navigate through the complex corridors of data-driven decision-making with refined expertise. Engage in Thought Leadership: Immerse yourself in a confluence of expertise and innovation, join a community of professionals, analysts, and enthusiasts, and ignite conversations, share insights, and remain informed about the latest developments in data visualization and analytics. Enrich Your Data Comprehension: Explore our wide array of content and resources dedicated to visual analytics, and broaden your horizons in understanding and applying data effectively in decision-making processes. Enhance Your Data Journey with Playfair Data: Commence your data journey with Playfair Data, and empower your strategies with analytical precision and foresight. Subscribe for more content that promises to enlighten and guide you through the realms of data visualization and analytics.
Insights on Missouri Cannabis Industry: A Fireside Chat with House of Kush Co-Founder
Keystone Sessions

Insights on Missouri Cannabis Industry: A Fireside Chat with House of Kush Co-Founder

Welcome to an enlightening discussion with the esteemed Co-Founder of the House of Kush who will share critical insights into the burgeoning cannabis industry in Missouri. This exclusive fireside chat provides a deep exploration into the present condition, inherent opportunities, and prospective future of cannabis-centered innovation and economic development within the state. Video Highlights: Current Status of Missouri Cannabis Industry Evolution and Contributions of House of Kush Emerging Opportunities for Innovation in Cannabis Prospects for Economic Growth and Investment Interactive Q&A Session with the House of Kush Co-Founder Why Watch This Video: This informative session is indispensable for entrepreneurs, investors, and cannabis enthusiasts keen on understanding the Missouri cannabis industry's landscape. With the Co-Founder of House of Kush — a celebrated entity in the cannabis market — articulating various industry aspects, viewers gain a unique vantage point on the industry’s dynamics and potential in Missouri. Key Takeaways: Grasp the prevailing trends and challenges in the Missouri cannabis industry. Recognize areas ripe for innovation and economic augmentation. Absorb valuable insights from a seasoned entrepreneur and leader in the cannabis arena. Engage with a community of professionals and aficionados during the Q&A session. Upcoming Events: For more insightful discussions, workshops, and events related to the cannabis industry, kindly subscribe to our channel and activate notifications. Connect with Us: Subscribe to Our Channel for more insights and updates Follow us on our social media platforms Disclaimer: The information presented in this video is for educational and informational purposes exclusively, not serving as financial or investment advice. Viewers are advised to consult with qualified professionals prior to making any investment or business decisions. Delve into the prospects and opportunities within the Missouri cannabis industry. Engage with the video, learn from an industry veteran, and allow the wealth of information to guide your understanding and decisions.

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