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Keystone Sessions

Sessions is all about creating innovation intersections. Attend a session to gain valuable knowledge, connect with industry leaders, and elevate your skills.

Every Wednesday from 4:00-8:00pm at Keystone CoLAB

This Week Sessions!

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Book Rights and Engaging with Paid and Earned Media

Join us to lean about the 5 components of book rights and ownership. Followed by what’s needed when engaging with the media, covering both paid and earned media.

Opportunities Abound: The Circular Economy

This session will focus on the circular economy. In today's linear economy, taking, making and wasting resources is the norm. This extractive, disposable approach takes a toll on our well-being and the world. The circular economy is a model that encourages us to reduce on our reliance on virgin materials, keep using what's already in the marketplace and, ideally, never throw anything away. It's a business model that's climate-smart, regenerative and profitable. Join us as we discuss the region's challenges with waste, progress to date and a new vision for the future. You'll hear from two area business owners who are providing market-based solutions that convert trash to treasure: Rody Taylor with Summit Transfer operates a resource recovery park for construction and demolition debris, and Kalin Baca with Icorium Engineering Company is using innovative chemistry to boost the dismal 2% reclamation rate of refrigerants in the U.S. Together, we'll explore where other entrepreneurial solutions are still needed.

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Unlocking Innovation: Building Cultures and Processes for Breakthrough Success

With all the talk of the need for innovation, we don’t talk enough about the “how” for companies and organizations to make this happen. Join us for a dynamic session on how to foster a culture of innovation and develop robust processes that drive breakthrough success. Learn about key attributes of innovative cultures, various types of organizational innovation, and practical steps to embed innovation into your company's DNA. Gain insights from an expert with extensive experience in nurturing innovation across diverse roles.

Experience it all while enjoying some vino from Jowler Creek Winery, Missouri's first green vineyard and winery, brought to you by the Ingenuity Session Series.

Fueling Collaboration Between Entrepreneurs, Corporate Leaders and the Community. 

At Keystone Sessions, we're dedicated to facilitating connections across industries, interests, and talents. We provide a unique gathering space where individuals interested in new ideas can come together in a casual yet inspiring environment. Each Wednesday, we present three 45-minute sessions, on unique topics, in formats ranging from panels to featured speakers. This is designed to spark innovation by fostering collisions of ideas and enabling dynamic interactions.

Join us this Wednesday to expand your network, explore fresh perspectives, and contribute to a dynamic community shaping the future. Sessions located at Keystone CoLAB (800 E. 18th St.).

Session Series

Every month on specific Wednesdays, Community Partners host a recurring Sessions on showcasing Individuals, panels, and topics that ignite fresh ideas within a recurring thematic focus.

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KCWiT Series

These sessions focus on constantly updating technology and aim to educate the audience. They geared towards the curious and open-minded. 


Ingenuity Series

Rebuild Honestly

InnovateHER KC

Explores sustainability challenges and how local innovators and entrepreneurs can help solve them.

Deep dives into societal challenges and a look at innovative solutions, organizations and people who are forging new paths.

A focus on women+ entrepreneur experiences, navigating fundraising, network building and running businesses.

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Human-Robot Friendship

Venture Chats

Emerging Tech


Keystone Studios

Conversations with VFA Fellows across a range of topics related to business building, personal growth and economic opportunity.

Conversations with entrepreneurial community members with unique experiences and cool stories to tell.

Focused on providing valuable creative and marketing skills for startups and entrepreneurs. 

Join Herston Fails every month as he and others explore cutting-edge technologies and the captivating opportunities they present.

Upcoming Sessions

June 19th

5:00-6:00pm: 0 Seconds at a time - Learn how to embrace change

Sharon Weaver, who has worked in technology for over 20 years and through her life experiences has developed the superpower to deal with change, will share some of her tips and tricks for managing (and coping with) change for yourself and your team... even when you don’t know what’s coming next!

6:00-7:00pm: InnovateHER KC

7:00-8:00pm: Rebuild Honestly

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