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Keystone Labs


For decades, corporations have searched for innovative solutions and market opportunities. Typically, these efforts were driven internally, in confidential “skunk-works” projects or innovation teams. But recently, as industries have begun to recognize the complexity of business and social challenges, companies are looking outside their own walls for fresh thinking and new ideas.


Keystone Labs will be the single access point to an entire ecosystem of collaborators and intellectual capital.

How It Works


Keystone Labs is a membership-based collaborative designed as an intentional intersection for corporations and industry experts to both contribute to and extract value from the Keystone community.  Members have the opportunity to design their own innovation journey with the Keystone team and its partners depending on their unique needs as a business.


Keystone Labs programming often has industry experts collaborating with academics, other industry leaders and cutting-edge startups, participants to dream up future use cases and capabilities. The guiding philosophy there is that it can be useful to radically reimagine what’s possible, especially when it comes to intractable issues facing our communities today. 


In addition to developing a steady stream of new ideas and assisting companies scale non-core opportunities, it also helps retain team members who might otherwise depart to found their own startups.


Instead of nesting inside a major corporation, a variety of companies can work with the Keystone community of designers, data scientists and software engineers for one-off projects.  Different options for corporate programming include:


·       Corporate or Challenge Accelerators

·       Venture Studio Concepts

·       Ideation Workshops

·       Entrepreneurial Roundtables

·       Industry Divergence and Convergence Sessions

Interested? Lets Work Together

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