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Keystone is the center where the corporate world and community converges for advancement and innovation. Host your corporate programming, workshop development sessions, and professional training workshops in the heart of downtown Kansas City.


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Keystone sessions are a weekly event focused on bringing together innovators across industries, interest and expertise. Each Wednesday, we present three 45-minute sessions, on unique topics, in formats ranging from panels to featured speakers. To speak at sessions fill out the form below.


We're on the lookout for skilled volunteers to support various Keystone programming. Regardless of your area of expertise, we'd love to hear from you and explore how your skills and passion can contribute to the vibrant Keystone community. If you're interested, drop us a line at

We need your support! Keystone and our co-resident partners have numerous programs supporting a wide range of audiences – from innovators to educators to entrepreneurs. We support array of properties, both physical and digital, for communicating your brand messages. We would be happy to tailor a sponsorship package to your company’s specific needs and desired outcomes. 

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