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Partner Spotlight: Children's Mercy PedsGuide App

Any clinician who has ever had to take care of a child in a life-threatening emergency

knows how stressful the situation can be. If it’s not something you do every day, in the

moment, you may not remember the protocol for pediatric advanced life support,

dosing for medications, or even who to call for help. That’s why Children’s Mercy has

developed the PedsGuide App. PedsGuide serves as the home for multiple evidence-

based pediatric clinical modules created at Children’s Mercy. The first two modules

launched were Febrile Infant and Asthma. The Resuscitation module is the third, just

released in 2021. “The mission for PedsGuide is to provide an easy-to-use, palm-in

your-hand, rapid access tool that gives you clinical decision support for specific

pediatric conditions in an evidence-based fashion. These tools can help clinicians make

better decisions on the front lines, which then can improve a child’s outcome in their

downstream care,” said Brandan Kennedy, MD, Medical Director of the PedsGuide App.

While developing PedsGuide, the Center for Pediatric Innovation at Children’s Mercy,

addressed challenges including, integrating a multidisciplinary team, optimizing user

experiences, funding, and completing the value stream to launch an app in the app

stores. The Innovation Center built a team that included multiple physicians, nurses,

pharmacists, human factor scientists, simulation lab specialists, evidence-based

practice leadership, and transport team members. To solve for these challenges, the

human factor scientists reviewed and improved user flows as well as field tested the

app with EMS providers to ensure it was optimized to decrease cognitive load.

Additionally, Children’s Mercy’s philanthropy team secured multiple grant funding

sources, and the team proposed sustainability models that would allow the app to

remain free for the end user. The Innovation Center also engaged and managed an

outside app development firm to build out the app that transformed the clinical

expertise into the app experience that is in both android and apple app stores today.

Since inception in 2017, there are over 58,000 downloads of the PedsGuide app with

multiple publications of improved outcomes in collaboration the AAP (American

Academy of Pediatrics). The team has heard positive feedback from community

providers who highly value having PedsGuide at their fingertips, and we are getting

stories of how the app changed clinical care to be aligned with these up to date clinical

guidelines. Plans include launching additional modules for Diabetes, BRUE (Brief

Resolved Unexplained Event), and Antibiotic protocols. We will measure success by the

Mission impact (number of downloads, lives impacted, qualitative stories of outcomes,

outcome measures), Reputation (Children’s Mercy equity as a leader in pediatric

medicine, publications, conference presentations), and Sustainability (ability to continue

to attract grant and philanthropic funding, and potential revenue generation

sustainability options with other children’s hospitals).

Click here to view a quick demo of the PedsGuide App.

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