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Leaders from nine regional universities, colleges, and institutions join forces to create unprecedented approach to innovation.

KANSAS CITY, MO. – (July 9, 2020) – With a Governing Board established, Keystone Community Corporation is excited to announce that the next layer of leadership is already getting to work. Based on a study funded by the Kauffman Foundation, one key to establishing a robust approach to innovation is active participation from several key constituencies, including corporate partners, civic leaders, entrepreneurs, and the higher education community. To that end, the Standing Committee for Research and Advanced Studies will be the critical link for collaborative action to advance interdisciplinary research, creative activities, and corporate engagement with the region’s institutions of higher education. The Standing Committee works to accomplish this mission by:

  • Being a home of the founding higher education institutions and driver of innovation at the Keystone Innovation District

  • Leveraging its resources to encourage and facilitate collaboration between the founding higher education institutions and with other key stakeholders at Keystone

  • Interfacing with the Keystone Community Corporation in the development and promotion of large-scale and transformative projects

  • Working with the Keystone Community Corporation to facilitate long-term planning which enhances the viability and vibrancy of the Keystone Innovation Community

  • Collaboratively seek funding to support research and programmatic growth at Keystone

“While each of our institutions care deeply about our individual missions, our opportunity to create regional strength in innovation will have a multiplier effect that we cannot achieve alone,” says David Cook, Vice Chancellor of Public Affairs, University of Kansas. “As part of the Standing Committee, we look forward to creating those collaborative ties and building the relationships to make that larger vision possible.” The variety of educational institutions reflects the mission of Keystone to engage students and professors across the broad spectrum of innovation. “20 years ago, innovation happened in silos,” says Chris Chapin, Chair of the Product Design Program at Kansas City Art Institute. “Today artists and engineers have to innovate together. Medical scientists and architects have to solve problems together. Societal challenges are cross disciplinary, and as a result, our standing committee is excited to work across barriers to advance KC.” The Standing Committee includes: University of Kansas

  • David Cook, Vice Chancellor of Public Affairs

  • Tricia Bergman, Director – Strategic Partnerships – Kansas Office of Research

University of Missouri Kansas City

  • Chris Liu, Vice Chancellor – Research & Economic Development

  • Neley, Vice Provost of Undergraduate StudiesKim Mc

Kansas State University

  • Peter Dorhout, Vice President of Research

Metropolitan Community College

  • Tyjaun Lee, President - Penn Valley Campus

William Jewell College

  • Will Lindquist, Chair – Civil Engineering

Park University

  • Katie Ervin, Associate Vice President of Academic Operations

Kansas City University of Medical & Biosciences

  • Ed O’Connor, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic, Research, and Student Affairs

Kansas City Art Institute

  • Chris Chapin, Professor of Art & Design – Chair of Product Design Program

University of Central Missouri

  • Laurel Hogue, Vice Provost for Extended Studies

  • Robert Lee, Dean – College of Education; and Chair of Keystone Innovation District's Standing Committee for Research and Advanced Studies

“When we prepare our students for 21st century jobs, we know that it’s never just about a single skill set,” says Tyjaun Lee, President of the Penn Valley Campus of the Metropolitan Community College. “She must be able to think critically, see opportunities, and collaborate with peers. In much the same way, Keystone will help our educational institutions collaborate more broadly across the region.” In the coming months, Keystone Community Corporation will announce additional subcommittees, partnerships, programming efforts, and news about initial locations for programming.

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