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The Keystone Community Corporation has partnered with Children’s Mercy Kansas City (CM) to collectively work toward advancing the mission of driving innovation and inclusive prosperity through the Keystone Innovation District and Keystone Labs program.

“There’s no movement forward without collective movement forward,” said Keystone Community Corporation CEO, Kevin McGinnis. “Children’s Mercy is an ideal partner because of their commitment to innovation in caring for children and families across every community in our city.”

Joining the Keystone Community Corporation Board of Directors will be Rob Steele, MD, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer for Children’s Mercy.

“We are focused on making sure the Kansas City region is a healthy and inclusive place to grow up,” says Dr. Steele. “Working with Keystone Labs and our fellow corporate partners, we are able to approach health challenges from a wider range of perspectives and technology solutions. This is a big win for each of us who are involved.”

A leader in innovation, research and commercialization, CM is a Founding Member of Keystone Labs, where they will bring their healthcare expertise to the innovation challenges facing our city. CM will add valuable resources to overall programming efforts. CM will also join the other research institutions involved in the development of Keystone programming to increase inter-disciplinary research and commercialization opportunities across the bi-state region.

Additionally, as the Keystone Community Corporation prepares for more formal community engagement efforts yet this year, CM’s alignment on a community-first approach will help advance two of Keystone’s tenants for success including diversity and inclusion. In the Fiscal Year 2019, Children’s Mercy recorded over $163 million in programs and activities that support the health and well-being of children all across the KC community and beyond.

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