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Keystone Angel Investors

Welcome to Keystone Angels, where innovation meets opportunity. Our network represents a collective of forward-thinking investors passionate about shaping the future. With our roots deep in the Kansas City region’s entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem, we have a robust understanding of the market dynamics and a keen eye for disruptive technologies and startups. Our mission is to bridge the gap between promising startups and visionary investors, creating a symbiotic ecosystem that fosters growth, collaboration, and success.

Benefits for Members

Exclusive Access

Gain privileged entry to a vetted pool of innovative startups, ensuring that you get first dibs on investment opportunities in high-growth potential businesses.

Collaborative Investing

Collaborate with a diverse group of experienced investors, pooling knowledge and resources to make well-informed investment decisions.

Dedicated Support

From investment advice to legal and financial assistance, enjoy a suite of support services designed to simplify the investment process.

Educational Opportunities

Benefit from workshops, webinars, and events that keep you updated on the latest market trends, investment strategies, and emerging technologies.

Network Expansion

Regular meetups, events, and forums give members the chance to connect, share insights, and foster long-term relationships with like-minded individuals.

Diversified Portfolio

Access to a variety of sectors and industries ensures that members can diversify their investment portfolio, minimizing risks and maximizing returns.

Due Diligence Assistance

Our team conducts rigorous checks and due diligence on startups, offering members insights into the viability, scalability, and potential returns on investment.

Transparent Communication

Benefit from regular updates on investment performance, startup milestones, and potential exit opportunities.

Co-investment Opportunities

Collaborate with fellow investors to co-invest in larger rounds, amplifying the potential for higher returns.

Impact Investing

For those keen on making a difference, get opportunities to invest in startups focusing on sustainability, social change, and more.


With no mandate to invest in every opportunity, members have the freedom to choose their investments based on personal preferences and risk tolerance.


We uphold the highest standards of privacy and ensure that all member details and investment decisions remain confidential.

Coming Soon

Information Sessions & Angel Networking

  • Sept 18th

  • Oct 2nd 

  • Oct 16th

  • Oct 30th

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