Centered at 18th and Troost, between the Historic 18th and Vine Cultural District and the Crossroads Arts District, between Hospital Hill and Downtown, The Keystone Innovation District will be more than just a “place,” rather it will be the home to a community where all are welcome to join with universities, corporate partners and philanthropic organizations to design the future.   

From healthcare to high tech, from agriculture to architecture, Keystone will be focused on using design as the unifying idea across programming, partnerships and initiatives. Whether it’s designing smarter cities, building better products, shaping the future of work, or any other challenge the community commits to attack, Keystone aims to advance the regional goals of shared prosperity, and accelerate economic opportunities for all in the KC-area.

We Believe In 

The Keystone District will be strategically located between the East Crossroads and 18th & Vine Cultural District, along the 18th Street corridor. The location is ideal because it meets the following criteria:

  • Accessibility to the region

  • Proximity to KC's urban core

  • Access to talent and the ability to attract talent

  • Mixed-use and ability to scale (density)

  • Proximity to creative assets

Inclusive Prosperity 

At Keystone Innovation District, we invite all ideas to the table. Diversity and inclusion are key tenants to our planning process and as we chart the path for generations to come, both involvement and leadership from those with unique perspectives is critical to our long-term success. 

A Phased Approach

This vision has been building for a long time. By a lot of people. So it's not going to happen over night, but it's already underway, starting with initial programming efforts to start laying a solid foundation. 

2020 - 2021

Community Development

Scaling and creating a presence for the Keystone Innovation Community

2021 - 2022

District Placemaking

Establishing an initial Keystone presence and programming 

2022 - 2023

Community Growth

Growing a dynamic innovation Community and Developing Keystone District with new partners and emerging spaces

2023 & BEYOND

Maximizing Impact

Ongoing programming, community engagement and innovation-driven collaboration


A keystone is a stone at the top of an arch that keeps it all together, standing tall and strong.

The Keystone Innovation District will be similar in that it will be the piece of the puzzle Kansas City has been missing in achieving successful and impactful 'collaborative scale'.


We need to do a better job connecting our disparate efforts to create maximum positive impact, reducing overlap where possible. 

INNOVATIon-Driven Entrepreneurship

Brand. New. Ideas. 

The goal is not to be a co-working space for start-ups, rather a place where new ideas, big, world-changing ideas, are born.


Think students, alongside educators, alongside professionals, who can work together in a collaborative district to innovate, try, test, fail, rework and bring brand new concepts to life.