What do these four brands have in common?

They were all once startups that received funding from Angel investors. 

The Keystone Angel Accelerator develops more Angel investors, teaching people how to invest in startups by having them invest in startups in a safe, controlled, curated program.

The Angel Accelerator is a global network of training programs, helping professionals learn the basics and gain the experience of investing in startups. The accelerators are hands-on programs filled with education, guidance, and a set of entrepreneurs eager for not only capital, but also mentorship.

What is Angel Investing?

“Angels” are accredited investors willing to take calculated risks on promising entrepreneurs and their companies. Because of the early nature of these investments, they are high-risk high-reward opportunities. For investors, an early check maximizes upside on return potential. In Kansas City, Angels are a key driver of economic growth. We take companies from proof of concept to commercialization, which will allow them to attract additional funding.

Nationally, angel investors funnel $25 billion into more than 70,000 startups. An estimated 300,000 angels supported promising companies across every state in America. Angel Investing is a way to build generational wealth, it's a way to diversify your financial portfolio, and positively impact our our local economy. 

Our Three Pillars of Programming


The program begins by getting you up to speed on the what, why, and how of startup investing, with a series of free lectures and readings from a variety of experts. The formal program then continues weekly with more lessons, workshops, case studies, guest speakers, and interactions with startups raising capital.


The program participants learn how to invest by investing. Each participant provides committed capital into a pool that is used to invest in real companies by the end of the program, chosen by the participants themselves using the knowledge gained from the lectures and conversations.


You do all this in a structured, facilitated program, with guidance to avoid the most common mistakes that new investors make. All graduates become part of a global investor network for long-term support in helping you grow your investment portfolio.

How the Accelerator Works

Join us either in-person, virtually (or a hybrid of both) for 7-8 weeks of complimentary programming on Tuesday evenings at 6:00pm. These collaborative sessions will highlight real-life case studies in the form of experienced investors and entrepreneurs currently navigating the investment ecosystem. Our goal is to cultivate a community of interest and action for Angel Investments.  

After the 7-8 weeks, sign-ups will be taken for a 12-15 person paid cohort that will be guided through the process of selecting companies and conducting a Due Diligence process to assess "investability". The cohort will conclude with making actual investment decisions and each graduate will become part of the global investor network for long-term support in helping you grow your investment portfolio. To join the paid cohort, we ask that participants meet SEC Angel Accreditation Requirements.

Initial Sessions: No Cost, All Are Welcome

Paid Program:

  • Seven to Eight Sessions + Due Diligence Documents + Joint investment

  • $TBD & must be willing to commit at least $10K in investment in 2023

Who the Accelerator is For

The Angel Accelerator is for any private investor seeking to diversify their portfolio. We welcome new, aspiring and seasoned investors to find benefit in this collaborative, action-oriented program. 

Together, we will cover the nuts and bolts of evaluating start-up companies and making critical angel investment decisions. All are welcome to our seven-week complimentary course.

Participants in the paid cohort must meet SEC Angel Accreditation Requirements. We will cover this in more detail in the initial complimentary sessions.

What You'll Learn

Join Us. Together, we have an opportunity to positively impact local economic growth and provide pathways to innovation.